The guild

Histoni is the student organization for the biochemistry students in Oulu. Histoni organises free time activities like partys, excursions and sport activities to make the students to have a good time and to help them to get to know each other.

Anyone who is studying biochemistry as their major in oulu can join the guild. The joining to the guild will cost either 15 € or 25€, depending on what degree you’re studying (15€ for master’s degree students, 25€ for bachelor degree students). We can also take persons to be our member who are not biochemistry students, but are actively taking parts to our guild activities. The new guild members are accepted in the guild board meetings, which are open for the public. The Histoni is non-profit organization, all the income goes to the upkeep of the guild and arranging of different event.

Welcome to join our organization!