Guild Magazine

The guild magazine – Supernatantti

Histoni publishes its guild magazine, Supernatantti, about four times a year. Supernatantti is Finnish and means ”supernatant” – the soluble fraction formed upon centrifugation of asuspension or a solution containing precipitate. The magazine contains recent information about happenings within the guild and the department as well as entertainment and other information of current interest. The media responsible of the board is responsible for the editing and publishing of Supernatantti.

Supernatantti is annually published four times in Finnish as well as once as an international edition in English. This international edition is mainly aimed at the international students at the department and contains information about the guild, activities and other stuff concerning everybody.

Most magazines are distributed around the faculty and the university, mainly at different guild rooms. The international edition is delivered to the international M.Sc students as well as to the department.

The magazines from 2008 – 2017 can be found here