Guild rooms

Histoni has guild rooms at both campuses, at Linnanmaa and at Kontinkangas. In both guild rooms you can rest, study, use the computer, follow the board meetings etc. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the guild rooms, please be in contact with the Guild room responsible person (see Board).

Guild room at Linnanmaa is at the second floor near the door F4. Near the guild room we also have shared rooms (e.g. kitchen) with other organizations such as Atlas, EGEA, ESN, OLTO, NISO, Rattoradio, Pahki ry and OLuT. The second floor is often referred as “guild community”.

Guild room at Kontinkangas is located near the premises of Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, along the corridor leading to the Hospital and Animal center. Due to its partially underground location, this guild room is often referred as “Kontu” (Shire in Finnish).